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Light Racing Jounce Shock (Bump Stop)

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Manufacturer: Light Racing
Manufacturer Part No: 2571

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The JounceShock is the core of a secondary suspension system that dramatically increases the capacity of your vehicle's suspension.

Universal JounceShock Applications-
JounceShocks are available as individual "cans" (see below - part #25710 - 1.5 inch travel and part #25714 - 3.0 inch travel) along with a complete line of customizable cylinder and end mounts. With Light Racing's component mount and adapter system we have a variety of ways to get JounceShocks into your vehicle. Whether you are working on a new generation rock crawler or an old school lo-rider Caddy, JounceShocks can improve your ride and help prevent suspension fatigue.

We'll Fit You!
Custom fabricated systems that fit some of the most popular off-road vehicles are available. We have systems for Tacomas, F150s, Siverados, H3s, FJs, Pathfinders and more. 

What to expect from your JounceShock-
Most systems are designed such that the JounceShocks do not engage the suspension of your vehicle at ride height. Therefore the system does not usually alter the ride height or on-road ride quality of your vehicle. When you have a heavy payload or take your vehicle off-road, your suspension will compress more and engage the JounceShocks.
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How a JounceShock works-
When the suspension compresses it drives the shaft of the JounceShock into the JounceShock body. The shaft compresses the nitrogen volume and since the nitrogen is in a closed cylinder, the nitrogen pressure increases dramatically as it compresses. This gives a smooth exponential increase in force (like an air spring) instead of the force spike that occurs when typical suspension systems bottom out.
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